white Marble tour at Carrara

Marble tour

The quarry 177 organizes guide tours inside one of Carrara's marble quarries. You can see for yourself while entering the quarry 177 (still being worked) modern machinary used every day but above all you can re-live the history of the most famous white marble of the world set in an extraordinary place where the nature shows its majesty after the effort of the men who sculptured it.

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Half a day tour

The half a day tour is taking place in the morning and it'll last about 3-4 hours. During the trip the visitor will be in contact with the history and the culture of Carrara and its marble. The visitor'll be able to taste the famous lard of Colonnata and he'll be able to enjoysplendid views. The tour is taking place by car, with a tourist guide
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It is possible to book an hire with driver service to visit quarry 177. The customer will be carried to quarry 177 or fantiscritti and after the tour, the driver’ll drive him back to his destination.

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L'unico tour della cave in cui la vostra guida sarà un cavatore.
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